Al Muhanna Travels and Tours

PO Box 1352, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

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Al Muhanna offers several half and full day tours. The Islamic Bahrain tour covers the old Palace, the Al-Fateh mosque, Arad Fort and Beit-ul-Quran. The Archaeology and Crafts tour includes the handicrafts villages, A’Ali Burial Mounds, Bahrain Fort and Al-Khamis Mosque. Then there is the Bahrain Heritage tour which comprises of a visit to the Heritage Centre and the National Museum. The Wildlife and Ancient Dilmun tour goes to the Al-Areen Wildlife Park. While the Desert Delights tour starts with the Tree of Life then the Oil Museum and a camel stable. Another tour is also available that covers the Al-Jasra Handicraft centre, the Burial Mounds and the Al Jasra House.