Visa Information

Japan has recently entered into agreements with 62 countries the globe over waiving visa requirements. American, British, Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, Irish Nationals among others only require a valid passport to travel to Tokyo. No visa is required so long as the intended stay is no more than 90 days except for Brunei whose nationals can only stay for 14 days without obtaining a visa. Nationals of other countries do require visas to enter Tokyo.
There are a number of different visas available for those wishing to travel to Japan including a working visa, a general visa, a transit visa, a temporary visitor’s visa or a specified visa which differ in the duration that one is allowed to stay in Japan and the activities travelers can engage in. People intending to travel to Japan must hold passports valid for the next 6 months and must provide authentic and complete applications. They should provide 2 passport sized pictures, documents certifying the purpose of visit, 2 copies of the application form. Travelers must also provide proof of return tickets and sufficient funds to cover their stay.

UAE Specific

Citizens of the United Arab Emirates require a visa for travel to Japan. This visa must be applied for at the nearest Japanese embassy in the U.A.E.

Embassy of Japan in Abu Dhabi 

Address: P.O. Box 2430, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Tel: 971-2-4435696
Fax: 971-2-4434219