Tareq Rajab Museum

This museum plays tribute to Tareq Rajab, the first Kuwaiti to be sent abroad to study art and archaeology. He met his wife Jehan Wellborne while studying in the UK and the two got married in 1955, and then returned to Kuwait where Rajab was appointed as the first Director of the Department of Antiquities and Museums in Kuwait. The museum is a collection of items and artefacts collected by Rajab and his wife, and currently holds about 30,000 pieces and souveniers from their travels all over the Middle East, Central and South-East Asia and even the Far East. They opened the museum to the public in 1980, to be able to display and educate people about the cultures of the rest of the Islamic world and other heritages. The museum is open to the public from 9am-12pm and 4pm-7pm everyday, and from 9am until 12pm on Fridays. The entry is free but it is advisable for large groups to get an advanced booking through the following numbers-
Curator : 531-7369
Guardian : 531-7358
Book desk: 533-9063
Email - museum@trmkt.com
Website - www.trmkt.com

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