Bavarian Hotels Plans Middle East Expansion

Germany’s Bavarian Hotels International (BHI) said they still plan to expand in the Middle East despite a delay in opening the regions biggest all suite hotel.   The launch of the 2,100 Bavaria Executive Suites Dubai was postponed to March 2010 due to “prevailing market conditions”.  The luxury hotel is billed as the largest all suite hotel in the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe.   It was originally scheduled to open earlier this year.    

BHI CEO said the company had to “rethink and revise our hotel opening targets so they coincide with the market recovery.”  Thomas HF Gertz said the recovery is coming soon and has already started in emerging markets and Europe.   BHI also has 2,200 new rooms under development, mostly in the Middle East.   Bavaria Bayview Suites Ajman is scheduled to open in December 2009, followed by the opening of Bavaria Executive Suites in Dubai in March 2010.

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