Hotel Spy Report Brings Muscat Response

Muscat Hotel managers have responded to Hoteliers’ Hotel Spy published in the November print edition. The Chedi Muscat concierge service scored very high, but lost points due to the difficulty in obtaining refreshments, and ranked 3rd with an overall score of 56%.  The Grass Roots mystery shopper also reported that internet is free for guests but non-guests are charged OMR 20 (US $52) for 24 hours unlimited access. 

General Manager for the Chedi Muscat, York Brandes, said they have kept the internet complimentary for in-house guests for the past four years, but had not reviewed prices for outside guests because there is no demand.  He said “since bringing this to my attention, we have dropped the rate for outside guests to OMR 5 ($13) for 24 hours.”  Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa had the highest overall score of 76%, and performed well in most categories.  However, the mystery shopper noted a short wait while trying to obtain refreshments and gave this category a score of 36%.

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