Raffles Dubai hosts special needs children at Raffles Botanical Gardens

Raffles Dubai, the enchanting residence located in the Wafi lifestyle and entertainment complex, is well-known for its heartfelt and gracious service.  In line with this reputation, Raffles Dubai hosted children from the START non-profit organisation in the Raffles Botanical Gardens yesterday for a fun-filled afternoon of refreshments, picture painting and lots of laughter.  Each child received a special certificate to take home in commemoration of their participation in creating the beautiful pictures.  Their works of art were uploaded on the Raffles Dubai facebook page, where the painting with the most “likes” by 15th May will be used as the artwork for the annual Raffles Ramadan and Eid cards.  

Further to this, Raffles Dubai working alongside BCR Global Textiles will also be supporting START’s initiatives by having clothes banks at Raffles Dubai for a year commencing in May.  BCR Global Textiles is an organisation which collects clothing and gives money for donated clothing in support of charity. All of the money raised from this year long initiative will be donated directly to START.

START is a non-profit organisation established by Art Dubai and the Al Madad Foundation which applies the universal language of art to heal, educate and enrich the skills and opportunities of children in the poorest areas of the Middle East.  Their vision is for children and young adults to create a future as rich and free as their imagination.

Their programme seeks to educate and empower the younger generation by giving them a voice through the expression of art by engaging them with their communities and their peers and by teaching them a sense of self-worth.

START has reached over 4,000 children and now operates workshops in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine. In the UAE, START also provides workshops for children with special needs including Autism and Down Syndrome. START’s programming aims to help children augment their critical thinking, problem solving and cognitive development. Throughout the year, START hosts ‘Tuesday Group’ workshops for children with special needs (Autism and Down Syndrome) at “thejamjar”.  The workshops are taught by practicing artists who volunteer their time to create lesson plans and directly engage with the children.   START’s volunteers work with the children on a one to one basis and an exhibition at the end of term is held, where friends, family, members of the art community and the general public come and enjoy the achievements of the children.

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