Cuisine: French
Address: 3 Avenue, Los Palos Grandes
Phone: 212 283 4558
Timings: Mondays to Fridays 12noon to 4pm, 7pm to midnight. Saturdays 7pm to midnight

A genuinely French dining experience, a rarity in Caracas. The interior whisks you off on a magical journey to 17th century Versailles, complete with baroque and rococo paintings, full-length mirrors reminiscent of the Palace Hall, and decorative schemes in silver, gold, and crystal, coupled with soothing live piano sessions.
The rich menu offers traditional delicacies like anguille pâté, chicken Kiev, peacock bass, and Canard à l'Armagnac. Also available are a delightful variety of French desserts.
The restaurant offers a valet parking service. Reservations are strongly advised. 

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