Brisbane, Australia



All bus stops are marked with a distinctive red sign with those on the inner-city routes running from 6am to 11pm. All buses clearly display their route numbers and destinations and while most drivers carry notes, it is advisable to pay in coins as they might not have enough change to give you. There are express buses in Brisbane so be aware of this as they may not stop at all stops on the route. Some buses only accept pre-purchased tickets or go cards – a ‘P’ sign whould be visable before the route number on the front display.

Apart from the information concerning Translink, there is the Loop – a free bus that circles the city area in both directions and stops at the QUT, the Queen St Mall, City Hall, Central Station and Riverside. It runs every 10 minutes from 7am to 5:50pm.

Other bus routes that are notable are routes 598 and 599 which form the Great Circle line that runs in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. These routes can be a great way to get around the various suburbs in Brisbane, though do note that the further you get out of the city, the fewer buses and stops there are.

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