Mary Queen of the World Cathedral

The Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral is the second largest church in Montreal.  It was built amid controversy starting in 1875 and lasting until 1894.  The process was not without controversy – the site of the church was in a predominantly English-speaking and Anglican neighborhood.  It was a long walk from the church’s French-speaking, Catholic congregation.  Originally called St. James Cathedral, it was rededicated to the Virgin Mary in 1955.

If the façade looks familiar, it’s because the Queen of the World Cathedral is a scale model of St. Peters in Rome.  It may not be an original design, but it is still pretty spectacular.  Instead of the twelve apostles, the cathedral roof has statues of the patron saints of Montreal’s thirteen parishes.  The interior has striking relief work, statues, and frescoes.

This is definitely worth a visit.  It is close to lots of other attractions, and it is perhaps the city’s most interesting church. Remember as always to be respectful of worshippers, and keep in mind that everything is in French.

Location: 1085 Rue de la Cathedrale, Montreal H3B 2V4
Telephone: (514) 866 1661
Website : (In french)
Metro: Bonaventure

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