New Delhi, India

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With a population of about 13.8 million, New Delhi is a conglomeration of human beings in all aspects - be it socially, religiously, racially, or ethnically.



The prominent religion in Delhi is Hinduism, with about 80% of the population following this faith. The next runner-up is Islam, with about 16% of Indian residents practicing this faith. Moreover, Christians and Sikhs make-up about 2% of the population, while 1.1 % are Buddhists, and .4% are Jainists.  




With such a diverse mix of individuals and with one of the world's fastest growing populations, the most astonishing factor in Delhi is its increasing poverty rate. For instance, near the Transjamuna area live the city's most impoverished residents. There is so much poverty in Delhi, that close to half of its residents live in slums. Thus, expect to find a beggar in every street corner.



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