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Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) has an enormous network of public buses running on 773 routes including 3106 CNG buses for  the city/NCR. The number and route of the buses are written on the front and side of the buses making it easy for the commuters to identify which bus they have to take to reach a certain destination. Though buses are many, most do not follow a strict time table and reaching a place can take longer than anticipated. The plus side is that it is the cheapest way to get around the city and you can consider your trip as a tour of the city, provided you have ample time. Buses are boarded from  the rear  and  you must  purchase the ticket from the conductor before proceeding ahead to find a seat. DTC officials do surprise checks and traveling ticketless can cause you a heavy fine plus imprisonment upto 3 months. There are a few seats reserved for ladies and one should not hesitate to have one vacated by a male passenger. A word of caution, buses are allowed to take standing pasengers  and some buses are packed like a tin of sardines. If you happen to board any such bus, just be alert as pick pocketing and eve teasing are rampant in such cases. If any problem arises, please contact the bus conductor. 

The rates are as follows:

Ordinary service 1-4 kms     Rs 3

                              4-8 kms     Rs 5

                              8-12 kms  Rs 7

                              12 + kms  Rs 10

New streamlined Green Line service     Rs 10

Low floor air conditioned Red Line service 

0-8 kms    adults Rs 10     Child Rs 5

8-16 kms  adults Rs 15     Child Rs 8

16-24 kms adults Rs 20    Child Rs 10

24+ kms     adults Rs 25     Child Rs 13

Full day passes, monthly passes and all-route passes are available as well and they are very economical. For the convenience of the commuters, DTC has opened Pass Section at 37 different locations including the centralised location at Scindia House.

Contact: Traffic Department, Scindia House, Connaught Place - +91 11 2884 4192-197







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