Beirut, Lebanon



Buses can be a convenient way of getting around the city, though the system is not at all comprehensive.  The private red and white buses are run by the Lebanese Commuting Company (LCC).  Free route maps are available at tourist information offices.  LCC buses transport commuters all over Lebanon and Syria.  Rechargeable, pre-paid cards are available.

Government owned buses are blue and white.  They are run by the OCFTC.  There are around 12 lines in and around the city.  There are no designated bus stops – just signal the driver to get on or off.  Buses run from around 05:30 until 21:00.  Minibuses are also available.

There are three main bus terminals for intercity transport.  Charles Helou station is located just east of downtown for points north.  Dawra station covers many of the same destinations.  Cola station is for points south.

The system is pretty confusing, and there isn’t much information publicly available.  If you need to use a bus, talk to your concierge or ask the locals.

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