Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Places to visit

Abdulraouf Khalil Museum

A mosque, a citadel and respective houses of Saudi Arabian, Islamic, International and Public Heritage make up the Abdulraof Khalil Museum. There are  a total of 19 units and houses and 15 fountains all around the vicinity, making it an interesting area to walk around in.

Address : Behind theAl-Bayan school

More Places to visit
Al-Balad (Old Town)
Al-Taybat City Museum
Home Arts Museum
Jeddah Al Khozam Museum
King Abdullaziz Mosque and setting area
Marine Science College Museum
Museum of King Abdulaziz University
Naseef House
Safeyeh bin Zagr Museum
Sail Island
Scuba diving
The Al-Shallal Theme Park
The Jeddah Science Oasis