Bardo Museum

Though located a little west of Tunis, Le Bardo is a suburban settlement considered as a very integral part of Tunis because it is a cultural, social and religious hub of the country. The Bardo Museum is a must visit for all travelers to Tunis because of its cultural importance to Tunisia and its extended collection of Tunisian acquisitions especially the Roman Mosaics which have been arranged by date and place of origin. The mosaics are colorful and of various shapes and sizes and cradle a unique Roman story in them.
Housed inside a 13th century Hafside Palace, the building has a very assorted look to it with decorations and vaulted ceilings. The collections inside represent these eras of history, Prehistoric era, Carthaginian era, Roman era, Christian era and Islamic era.

Location: The Bardo-2000
Phone:  (216) -1 to 513,650
Fax: (216) - 1-51384

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