Chicago, United States



Chicago's bus system is extensive.  Just about every major major street is on a bus route.  Bus stops are denoted by blue and white signs, which show the route they're located on.  Buses generally run every five to fifteen minutes during the day along busy routes.

Visitor passes are sold at train stations and larger hotels.  A 1-Day pass is $5.75, a 3-Day pass is $14.00, a 7-Day pass is $23, and a month pass is $86.  They provide for unlimited bus and El trips during the given period.  The cost for a single ride of any length is $2.25 in cash.  Be sure to have exact change, as drivers do not carry any.  Transfers from a metro station cost $.25.

An app is available to track buses on web-enabled phones.

Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)
Telephone: 1 888 968 7282

Bus Tracker

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