Parque Zoológico El Pinar

Address: southwest from El Centro, in the Curacao district
Begun in 1944, El Pinar Zoo was the first public zoo in Venezuela. Although relatively small, only on a 7 acre plot of land, the zoo has succeeded in drawing a large number of curious kids and adults to its enchanting collection of nature’s visual treats.
The zoo contains many local species of animals – some dangerous ones are caged, but most of the tamed ones just walk around freely through an already existing natural landscape. Another delight is the many flocks of tropical birds that can often be seen flying around from one tree to another, chirping and squawking their hearts out, or hopping towards you to peck up seeds that you sprinkle on the ground.
This makes the atmosphere of the zoo a very lively, interactive one, as you get to see animals up close without fences or barriers – this makes El Pinar an exciting experience for toddlers and teens.
The zoo is famous for its section on mounted insects which features a very comprehensive, categorized collection of creepy crawlers (all dead) that is the largest in South America.


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