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Boston Citgo Fenway Park Kenmore Square

Elevate your stay in Boston with a helicopter tour

AKA Hotels is a boutique hotel apartment chain that is ideal for long staying travelers. Be it a family vacation or an extended business trip, AKA provides luxurious comfort. AKA properties are in convenient city center locations such as Times Square in New York, Boston Common in Boston and near the White House in Washington DC., among others. Boston’s Back Bay and Boston Common properties are offering a special elevated experience to their guests. A 45 minutes helicopter ride

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Mastercard Affluent Travel Report 2024

Luxury Travel growing in MENA region reveals Mastercard Affluent Travel report

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has emerged as one of the main regions driving growth in affluent travel, recording high spends, while also displaying an appetite for sustainable eco-luxury and meaningful cultural experiences. Mastercard’s latest report, ‘Affluent Travel: A Middle East Perspective’, released during the Arabian Travel Market 2024, unpacks some of the key trends. The appetite for new experiences in unexplored destinations, micro-trips and ‘bleisure’ will likely drive the growth

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Which hotel picture is a killer?

Did you book your last vacation through a hotel or online travel site? You are not unique. More people book holidays online than thru a

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Unwrapping the secrets of Yangon

Peering out of the Emirates Boeing 777-300ER flight from Dubai to Yangon, you can see the lazy river. A muddy, sludgy, squidgy creek. Meandering. That is the Irrawaddy – the river that Kipling’s famous Road to Mandalay poem glorifies. No fishes jumping

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Cruise into the sunset on your own boat

Your wife is a “soccer mom” driving an SUV. You have a few other cars parked in the garage. Your annual vacation takes you to exotic destinations every summer – and increasingly every winter as well. You dine out every weekend –

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My Europe Tour – A dream come true

Written by: Zainab Das Published: 15:00 April 18, 2013 Everyone has a dream that they hope, someday, turns into a reality. My visit to Europe was nothing less than a dream come true. When you travel, there is so much to experience,