Tehran, Iran

Places to visit
What to do with Children in Tow

Tehran isn’t too child-friendly overall but there are a few activities that would amuse and entertain the kids.

There is the Tehran City Theatre which showcases performances of traditional Persian dances and plays that both children and adults enjoy. Performances are normally advertised in street signs and English language newspapers.

Tehran has many beautiful parks and is one of the greenest cities in the Middle-East. The northern neighbourhoods have several parks where children can play.  Some of the parks to choose from are:
-Jamshidieh Park which is loc...

Ashkan Mountain
Baharestan Square
Emam Khomeini Mosque
Glass and Ceramics Museum
Golestan Palace and Gardens
Iranian Photographer’s Centre
Milad Tower
Muzeh-ye Post Museum
National Jewels Museum
National Museum of Iran
Rey Bazaar
Reza Abbasi Museum
Sarkis Cathedral
Shah Abbasi caravansary
Tajrish Bazaar
Tandiss shopping center
The bazaar
The mausoleum of Imam Zadeh Saleh
Toghrol Tower
US den of espionage