Bonsecours Market

The Bonsecours Market is located in one of Montreal’s most spectacular heritage buildings.  The beautiful two-story neo-classical building features a large dome and briefly was home to Canada’s Parliament.  Completed in 1847, it was home to Montreal’s main shopping center for more than a century.  In 1963, it was briefly slated for destruction, but luckily the order was rescinded and instead the building was renovated to suit modern tastes.

Today Bonsecours Market is one of Old Montreal’s main attractions.  It is home to fifteen unique boutique stores.  Products for sale include jewelry, fashion, handicrafts, and much more.  Many items are made locally and not sold elsewhere.  There are also restaurants and cafes, with outdoor dining in the summer.  Banquet halls are available for rent.  This is definitely worth a visit, if for nothing else than to explore the grand old building.  It’s also a good place to do some souvenir shopping.

Location: 350 St-Paul Street East, Montreal H2Y 1H2
Telephone: (514) 872 7730
Metro: Champ-de-Mars
Hours: Vary throughout the year, usually 10:00-18:00.

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