Copenhagen, Denmark


By bicycle

Being the most popular means of travel amongst the people of Copenhagen, biking can even be the fastest way to go about the city if you pedal fast enough. In order to facilitate bikers, separate lanes are established on main roads alongside proper traffic lanes. Mainly for the tourists, there is a free-public bike service available which they can use simply by inserting a 20 Kr coin in the electronic system. However, the bike is only to be used within the boundaries of the inner city. An infringement of rules would lead to a penalty and/or fines of over 1000 Kr. The public offers you a pay-back guarantee once you return the bike to its stand. It is a Copenhagen tradition to customize these bikes. In 1997, President Clinton was gifted a customized bike as a souvenir when he visited the city. Apart from that, you also have an option of renting a bicycle.
For more information please contact :

Københavns Cykler   
11 Reventlowsgade
1651 København V
Phone: 0045 33 33 86 13
Fax: 0045 33 33 86 31   

sterport Cykler
10 Oslo Plads
2100 København Ø
Phone: 0045 33 33 85 13
Fax: 0045 33 33 85 61



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