Cairo, Egypt

Places to visit
What to do in Cairo with Children in Tow

Some of the major tourist sites tend not to be child-friendly because of its large crowds. Yet, do not be turned off if the Pyramids of Giza is not the best place for a child, because with a little digging we have found some alternative options that include parks and playgrounds. Also, some hotels have begun catering to families by offering facilities specifically geared at children.


Antiquities Museum
Bayt el-Suhaymi
Cataract Pyramids Resort
Child-Friendly Hotels
Cinema Metro
Citadel (el Qal'a)
Coptic Museum
Downtown Cairo
el-Muallaqa Church "the Hanging Church"
Funfairs, Parks, and Playgrounds
Ibn Tulun Mosque
Islamic Art Museum
Islamic Cairo
Le Meridien Pyramids
Old Cairo (Masr al- Qadima)
Pyramids of Giza
Sultan Hassan Masjid
Tahrir Square (Liberation Square)