Isfahan, Iran

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What to do with Children in Tow

Isfahan is not a city geared specifically towards children. The air around the city is formal, sober, and one of intellect and reverence rather than frolic and merrymaking. The lack of amusement opportunities within the city is somewhat of a downside when you are bringing along a family with toddlers. The only best place you can take children is probably one of the numerous parks around the city. An evening of family-oriented fun for kids and adults alike will keep pestering kids at bay, while offering you relief from the pressures of the city center.

Kids of ages 8 and up, wh...

Ali Mosque
Central Library
Chahar Bagh Avenue
Chihil Sutun
Chubi Bridge
Church of Bethlehem
Church of St Mary
Decorative Arts Museum
Hasht Behisht Palace
Imam Mosque
Isfahan Bazaar e Bozorg
Jameh Mosque
Mehr Park
Minar Jomban
Museum of Contemporary Art
Museum of Natural History
Pigeon Towers
Pol e Khaju
Quran Museum
Rajai Park
Sheikh Lotfullah Mosque
Si o Seh Pol
St George Church
Vank Church