Casablanca, Morocco

Places to visit
Zoo Ain Sebaa

This zoo is the only one in Morocco and is a great place t spend a warm, sunny day with family. The zoo houses flamingoes, lions, bears, monkeys and other exotic species.  Though not too high on visitor count, the zoo  is nevertheless well worth a visit.

Avenue Aîn Sebaa, Casablanca
Tel: +212 522 22 15 24



Casablanca Twin Center
Hasan II Mosque
La Corniche
Makhama du Pacha
Megarama Cinema
Notre Dame de Loudres
Old Medina
Parc de jeux Yasmina
Parc de la Ligue Arabe
Parc Sinbad
Place Mohammed V
Rialto Cinema
Sacre Coeur Cathedral
Sidi Bin Abderrahmane
Tamaris Aquaparc
The Jewish Museum