The beach, commonly called Clifton, is a long stretch of shore. It extends from southern parts of Karachi to the northwestern Karachi coasts, where it merges with the eastern coasts of Baluchistan.
The common areas of the beach ideal for recreation include:
The Clifton area, also called Seaview;
The Sandspit area (a long drive from the main Clifton beach, much quieter and calmer, ideal picnic spot if you can rent a hut there);
Hawkesbay area (clean sandy shores and clear and cool waters; also is a natural breeding ground for the endangered Green Turtle);
Paradise Point (famous for high tides and dangerous rocks which have been severely eroded by water and wind to form natural caves and arches);
Gadani (just outside Karachi, inside Baluchistan; famous for its rocks and clear waters).

If you happen to visit Karachi during the peak summer months, be sure you do not miss out on the beach. The Clifton/Seaview area is the most popular hangout in the summers, and it is very crowded. Food stalls and green tea vendors can be seen everywhere. Horse and camel rides are ready to be taken, at just around Rs 30-50.
If you want to avoid crowds, it is better to head for the Sandspit or the Hawkesbay area, which are not very far.
And if you want to dive into total solitary serenity, make your way to Gadani or Paradise Point. But make sure you travel with reliable people, as these areas can be dangerous, especially for foreigners.

Location: The beach

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