Zurich Toy Museum

The Zurich Toy Museum, or Zurcher Spilzeugmuseum, is one of the city's most unique attractions.  More than 1,200 antique toys are in the collection, dating from the eighteenth century through the start of the twentieth century.

The toys are all representative of their times.  There are toy locomotives from the 1800s, and early automobiles from the start of the 1900s.  The large collection of Chinese dolls is impressive.  The board games are also interesting.  All the toys are handmade from pewter, metal, and wood among other materials, with precision.  They most definitely don't make them like they used to.

History books are not filled with stories of how children live, and this museum provides a unique look into that.  It can be difficult to find, but is worth it (especially since admission is free).  It should only take about an hour to get through everything.  Kids especially will love it, though there is plenty for adults to take in as well.

Location: Fortunagasse 15, Zurich
Telephone: +41 044 211 9305
Hours: Open 14:00-17:00 Monday through Friday; 13:00-16:00 Saturday.
Admission: Free admission.

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