London, United Kingdom


Alfie's Antique Market

A superb place for shoppers to discover 20th-century antiques is the massive labyrinth of Alfie's Antique Market. With almost 100 antique dealers selling a wide range of products, this is the largest collection of antiques and retro collectibles in England.

According to Bennie Gray, the proprietor of Alfies, Alfies Antique Market has attracted serious collectors, interior designers and celebrities to its varied collection of antiques and collectables for over 30 years. “To this day people from all over the world come to Alfies to take in its bohemian chic atmosphere and to find something genuine and unique."

If you want something unique or traditional, this is where you will find it.


13-25 Church Street

 London NW8 8DT
Tel: 020 7723 6066

Opening times: Tuesday to Saturday 10am-6pm

Closest tube station: Baker Street

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