Hanoi, Vietnam



Hanoi has several main long-distance bus stations and each one serves a particular area. They are fairly well organized, with ticket offices, fixed prices and printed schedules. Visitors should consider buying tickets the day before planning to travel on the longer-distance routes to ensure a seat. Scam free, cheap but a bit difficult to comprehend at first, the buses in Hanoi are relatively fast and surprisingly comfortable. Maps with printed bus lines can be purchased at the Trang Tien Street (the book street by the Opera house) and after a few minutes visitors can easily identify the over 60 bus lines and find relevant bus stops. Tourist-style minibuses can be booked through most hotels and cafés. Popular destinations include Halong Bay and Sapa. Many open-ticket tours through Vietnam start or finish in Hanoi.

Major Bus Stops include:

-    Kim Ma bus station
-    Gia Lam bus station
-    Giap Bat bus station
-    My Dinh bus station

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