Sanaa, Yemen



Address: Zuberi Street
Al-Huda is a relatively small but well-stocked supermarket, very popular amongst the locals, and almost always crowded.
You can buy electronic household appliances, including refrigerators, ovens, stoves, hair dryers, and the like. Eatables like cheese, confectionery, cereals, nuts and canned/tinned food are also available here. Many of the goods in the eatables section are packaged under the Supermarket’s own brand name, which gives an assurance of quality.

A little to the left there are shelves with meat products (including sausages and hot dogs, a rarity around town), ice cream, and frozen vegetables.
Although Al-Huda is a bit expensive, you can be sure to find a large variety of items not commonly available at other markets in Sana'a. Be sure you shop for groceries elsewhere, and then come here to catch up on the remaining items!

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