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ImageAbu Dhabi is the capital of  the UAE with a total population of 860,000 people. Being the capital, it has the privelege of housing the government. The seat of the President of the United Arab Emirates is located in Abu Dhabi city, which also hosts many oil companies, foreign embassies and the federal cabinet.
The people of the city are extremely hospitable in nature and show great respect to foreigners entering the city. The composition of population in the city is an interesting mix with Arabs of other countries and a substantial percentage of South Indians and Filipino contingents forming the majority of the population. A small minority also comprises expatriates from UK and other countries in Europe, the Americas and Australia.

The residents of the city enjoy a highly superior standard of living, salaries being non-taxable playing a major role in this regard.

The presence of numerous restaurants in the city is a manifestation of the food loving nature of the city residents. The strict laws framed by the government have alleviated the occurrence of minor or major crimes in the country.

One of the prime reasons contributing to the extraordinary progress of the country has been due to the presence and availability of education in the city. Prominent institutions such as Abu Dhabi University, Al Hosn University and New York Film Academy have played an instrumental role leading to the prosperity of the city.


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