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ImageAbu Dhabi is the Federal capital of the United Arab Emirates, and is the biggest of the seven emirates. It is the second most densely inhabited city of the UAE, powerful and majestic, with its revolutionary huge buildings emerging from the desert coast of the Persian Gulf.
Abu Dhabi encompasses global lavish inns, unlimited shopping malls, all-embracing entertainment and relaxation facilities. There is an elongated customary timber dhow along the dock.
Abu Dhabi is the cultural backbone of the UAE, drawing a lot of sightseers to its reputable Cultural Foundation Centre. It is one of the most affluent and emergent cities in the world, with an inspiring populace of  almost 1.8 million. In just over 50 years, it has turned into a foremost hub for sightseeing. Oil revenues have been invested wisely to create an impressive modern society and first-class infrastructure. Tourism takes the lead in the government’s ambitious diversification plans, with a target of 3 million visitors by 2015.


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