Abu Dhabi in one Day

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ImageAlthough Abu Dhabi is a small city, it has a number of attractions worth visiting and touring it in one day would not be sufficient to cover all the places. But the following places are worth having a look at if you have only one day in the city.

Sundowner Desert Safari
This exciting expedition is an off-road excursion that provides guests with the most accepted desert escapade, organized by tour operators in Abu Dhabi. Hotel conveyance is typically arranged before 3pm, and you approach the sand dunes on your proficiently-driven four-wheel ride precisely prior to sundown. Here you can enjoy a glorious vision of the sand slopes. After a long expedition, fervent guests are then served with an Arabic dinner at the campsite, where amusement together with belly dancing, is frequently provided. Old members of the family or those who suffer from heart problems as well as very young children, on the other hand, may be detoured reliably to the campsite to enjoy the dinner, without experiencing the enthralling dune experience.

Heritage Village and Sunset Cruise

Visitors who want to have some know-how of the city culture can visit the Heritage Village. It portrays the cultural living of the emirate’s ancestors who lived before modernization took place and before oil wealth transformed Abu Dhabi into a Manhattan-like splendor. A light dinner in one of its restaurants or cafes near the Breakwater would be a great way to wrap up the day’s proceedings.

Jebel Hafeet and Al Ain National Museum (or Al Ain Zoo)
For people who want to escape the daily hustle and bustle of the city and go far away from the glitz and glamour of it all, Jebel Hafeet is a grand option for them to expend one day. However visitors are advised to get going early, maybe before 7am. From the mountain and en route to Al Ain Road, you would witness the Green Mubazzarah, an exceptional park positioned at the foothills of Jebel Hafeet. The Green Mubazzarah encompasses hot-water lakes that stream rapidly in tiny watercourses and form a lake. The next top spot from Jebel Hafeet is the Al Ain National Zoo, which is almost certainly the biggest in the Arab world. Bears, monkeys, birds, reptiles, turtles and fish from all over the globe and those that are rife in Abu Dhabi and UAE are all there at the Al Ain Zoo.



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