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altAddress: Central State Museum, 44 Furmanov, Almaty
Phone:  +7 (3272) 642 200, +7 (3272) 642 390
Email: csmrk@hn.freenet.kz
Website: http://www.unesco.kz/heritagenet/kz/hn-english/csmrk/engl/index_en.htm
Timings: Wednesdays to Mondays 10 am to 6 pm
Tickets: children 30 KZT, adults 60 KZT

Every city has a story – and a history – and a museum that narrates them.
Come here to learn about the historical and cultural development of Kazakhstan and Almaty, from the Bronze Age through the Middle Ages, and from troublesome Russian Communist era down to present day. 120’000 objects on display range from unique pottery, handicrafts, jewelry, rugs and colorful clothing to weapons of all kinds that have been used in wars old and new.
The miniature replica of a major archaeological find in the country, the Golden Man, a warrior’s attire made from 4000 gold pieces each richly ornamented with animal motifs, is also housed within the museum.
Guided tours of 45 minutes’ duration are available (only in Russian).
The building is visible from far out, with its towering blue domes and charming white stone walls. At night it is illuminated by blue floodlights, and presents quite a nice photo opportunity.
A small park in front of the museum contains green walking spaces shadowed with weeping willows, small ponds with bridges of stone, and rock formations. Spend some time there thinking about what you have seen rather than heading to a glitzy mall on a shopping spree.
A souvenir shop attached to the museum sells local crafts and national emblems. The shop owner may quote a higher price seeing you are a foreigner – be sure to haggle it out a bit.
This museum is one of the largest in Central Asia.



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