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Health And Safty Beijing

Do not walk alone late at night. Generally speaking Beijing is a safe city to walk in at night but man holes are a major problem.

Do not carry too much cash on you. Beijing like most major metropolises is filled with pickpockets. Obviously this applies only to crowded areas such as railway stations, the airport, and renowned tourist attractions.

Guard against illnesses such as diarrhea and respiratory infections. Eat only packaged or freshly cooked food and drink only bottled water. Moreover Beijing is infamous for its astonishingly severe air pollution attributable to the growing industries and the growing numbers of cars on the road. Tourists are advised to carry anti-allergic medicines with them and to wash their hands, eyes and mouth often.

Be careful while crossing roads- Beijing is known for its reckless drivers who stop for no one.

Make sure your travel insurance includes your health insurance as Beijing’s hospitals and doctors charge exorbitantly for their services.

In case of emergencies always carry the following numbers with you:
Fire:  119
Police:  110
Ambulance: 120
24 hour tourist hotline: 6513-0828


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