Sursock Museum

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altThe first thing you’ll notice about this museum is the striking architecture – a blend of Venetian and Ottoman styles.  It was built as a residence in 1920 by Nicholas Ibrahim Sursock, a member of the Lebanese aristocracy.  After his death it was supposed to be converted into a museum per his request, but was instead used for fancy receptions.  The museum was not established until the 1960s.  The original interior décor and furnishings are still intact.

The collection does not compare to those in Europe and North America.  It features Japanese engravings and Islamic art, along with sculpture, ceramics, glassware, and iconography, all dating from the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries.  There are often temporary exhibitions as well.  Most objects come from the Sursock’s own collection, as little effort has been made by the administrators to acquire new pieces.  An expansion project is currently underway, however, scheduled to be completed in 2012.

This is definitely worth a visit, if only to marvel at the architecture.  The former Sursock home is truly beautiful.  The collection is by no means bad, but there is missed potential.

Location: Rue Sursock, Achrafieh

Telephone: +961 1 334 133

Hours: Open daily 10:00-13:00 & 16:00-19:00



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