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ImageChicago is called the “second city”, as it is second only to New York in terms of its importance in the United States.  It is an economic powerhouse.  Chicago has the 4th highest GDP of any metro area in the world.  That’s reflected in the spectacular skyline, which contrasts beautifully with the shore of Lake Michigan.

There’s no shortage of places for tourists to enjoy here.  The city has an excellent collection of museums.  The shopping is great too, with everything from unique boutiques to the trendiest designers.  Thousands of restaurants serve cuisine from all over the world.

In many ways Chicago is an all-American city.  The cuisine is known for cured meats (the world famous Taste of Chicago is just about dedicated to them), and it has a fanatic sports culture.  The people are friendly and down-to-earth.  But Chicago also has a diverse population.  People from all over the world have settled here.

The Loop is the main business district in the heart of Downtown.  Just to the east, along the lakeshore, are Chicago’s most notable museums and attractions.  The north side consists of trendy neighborhoods, filled with cafes and interesting shops.  The south and west sides are mostly residential and working class.

There’s so much to do in Chicago that you’re bound to find something to love.  It is a showcase of the best America has to offer, full of variety and vitality.


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