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imagePeople in New Zealand can be categorized into various ethnicities because of the friendly diversity that the country is exposed to. A major chunk of the population is called New Zealand European which comprises about 74.5% of the total following which are the Maori with 9.7% share. Other European, Pacific Islander Asian and others make up 4.6%, 3.8% and 7.4% respectively.
New Zealanders are nature loving people who indulge greatly in peaceful outings and picnics. According to one writer, the “Kiwis are open people who like to impress visitors and make them have a good time”.
People in Christchurch are very helpful and extend assistance to strangers without even being asked for it. They are polite and caring even though one might think of them as reserved initially. With nil discrimination by class or wealth, Kiwis are part of a very egalitarian culture that makes Christchurch a very easy pick for a long vacation.


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