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altCitizens of most Asian countries such as Korea, Japan as well as Scandinavians can enter Vietnam without an entry visa and this is valid for a visit within 30 days. All other citizens need to have an entry visa before they depart their own country, or they need to be in possession of a pre-approved entry visa which is then issued on arrival.
The passport must be valid for at least one month from the date of exit of the city.
Also two passport sized photos of size 4×6 cm are essential.
Stamp fees need to be paid. These vary based on the type of visa you need. For a single entry visa, a stamp fee of 25 USD is mandatory. For a multiple entry visa, 50 USD needs to be paid and it costs 100 USD for a 1 year visa.
These passport stamps can be available by applying to any one of the Vietnamese Embassies or Consulates.
A visa can also be obtained on arrival, once you’ve reached your port of destination. As you pass through immigration, the entry visa is stamped on the passport and is valid for only 30 days. It can be extended however, once you’ve entered Vietnam.




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