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altJakarta is faced with travel advisory issues due to recent spats of violence to hit the city as well as the Bali bombings that took place.
For 4 decades, Jakarta was struggling to maintain its economy but by the 1990’s, Jakarta managed to turn around and improve its economic conditions tremendously. In 1997, there was another economic collapse, which resulted in protests demanding President Soeharto’s resignation.
On May 12, 1998, after mounts of tension, the army fired live ammunition onto a group of students at Trisakti University. This resulted in 3 days of rioting as many people took to the streets. The Chinese were especially targeted.
In August 2003, Marriott Hotel was bombed and in September 2004, Australia’s embassy was also hit. Moreover, the city has been hit by flooding and landslides almost every year.
The main problem facing the city is its inability to handle protestors.

In spite of these brief spats of violence, Jakarta remains an important tourist destination. The development of major tourist hotspots, the refurbishment of famous landmarks to manage increased visitors and the large number of hotels and airport expansion is a sign that Jakarta does not take tourism lightly.

Besides tourism, Jakarta’s economy relies heavily on financial services, with banks and other financial offices being in the foreground. They also rely heavily on manufacturing and trade for sustenance.


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