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altCar rental options are available in Jakarta but are discouraged due to the massive traffic jams in the city. If you are not familiar with local driving practices and the routes then it can be quite tiresome to try driving there for the first time. Renting a car is only advisable if you want to travel outside Jakarta. Cars can also be rented with a driver, which is a far better idea than managing on your own.
Parking in residential areas can be difficult due to the narrow lanes; however, parking in malls or office areas is fairly simple. Rates for that range from IDR 1000-3000 per hour

Most major car rental companies can be found in Jakarta: including Avis (3142900; Jl Diponegoro 25), Bluebird (7941234; Jl Mampang Prapatan Raya 6) and Astra (6508919; Jl Gaya Motor 1/10).
To avoid hotel or travel agency commission, there are a number of the ‘transport’ people who are around the Jl Jaksa area and can offer some of the best deals if you negotiate directly with them. Generally, the big operators charge about IDR 500,000 per day with a driver (IDR 400,000 without), while private operators may ask for around 10% less.


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