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altThe Sukarno-Hatta International Airport is 18km from the city centre, or 45 minutes to 2 hours away, depending on the traffic. Outside the airport terminals, there are large taxi stands. It is better to take an ‘official’ taxi as opposed to an unofficial driver (which runs the risk of your being overcharged and potentially robbed) that will approach you around the terminal. Bluebird and its upscale version, Silverbird, are both available outside the airport. You are responsible for paying any tolls. When using an official taxi, you will be given a card, which has details of the taxi written on it. Hold on to this card in case you have any problems.

Instead of a taxi, one can also take a bus to the city, which is also available from these terminals. The DAMRI airport bus connects the airport to several points in the city, such as, Gambir Train Station in Central Jakarta, Blok M Bus Station and Lebak Bulus Bus Station both in South Jakarta. Buses are a lot cheaper, especially for single passengers. There are also smaller shuttle services available to several areas in the city.

The best idea though, would be for you to make your hotel to send a car. That way you don’t get all confused about which driver looks safer or which car to pick, and it would be a smooth-sailing journey albeit expensive.
For inter-airport connections, there is a complimentary Airport Shuttle operating in a loop between Terminal 1 – Terminal 2 – Terminal 3. Approx 10 min. interval from 5AM to around 10PM.

Jakrta airport website is:  www.jakartasoekarnohattaairport.com


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