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altUnfortunately since the beginning of 2000, Kathmandu has experienced political instability which mars its colourful heritage. On 1st June, 2001, Crown Prince Dipendra massacred his immediate family including his father, King Birendra, his mother Queen Aishvarya, his brother and sister and five other relatives. He turned the gun on himself and eventually died two days later; his uncle, King Gyannendra, was crowned king at the palace. The official reason for this massacre is not known however it was publicly known that the King and Queen had disapproved of their son’s choice of bride. The Queen Mother would soon order the demolishment of the Tribhuvan Sadan where the massacre took place.

In 2004, about 4000 people (mostly youths), marched angrily in opposition to 12 Nepalese job seekers and workers being killed in Iraq. The mob burned down many buildings and severely damaged the city’s major mosque, the Jama Masjid Mosque. Since then, major political protests have occurred, making headline news.

One such prominent political protest in recent news has been that of the Maoist rebels of the Communist Party of Nepal. In November 2009, the protests began following the collapse of the Maoist-led government that May.

Protests are now a common occurrence in the city, so tourists should be wary whenever they travel to Kathmandu.

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