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Mumbai is a tolerant mix of people from all over the country, a mosaic of cultures and communities living in harmony, at the same time each group clinging to their individual identity.  A resident of Mumbai is called a Mumbaikar, or Bombayite. The city has many Muslim communities including the Bohras and Khojas. The Parsi community, though small, has its distinct flavor; dress, language and food habits. There are a handful of Jews too living in Mumbai, Baghdadi Jews and the Bani-Israel.

The Kolis, the fisherfolk who were the original inhabitants of these islands have given the city its name. They now live a marginalised existence on the fringes of Mumbai. The Sindhis are another group who are astute businessmen.

Many residents of the city live a fast-paced life, with very little time for social activities. Mumbai is India’s most liberal minded and cosmopolitan city, embracing many concepts that would be taboo in other parts of India. Mumbai residents celebrate Indian and Western festivals with great fanfare. They also express great solidarity and join hands in the face of adversity.


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