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The weather is one of the main criteria one keeps in mind while planning a holiday and Mumbai is no exception. Being a coastal city, Mumbai experiences humid and sultry weather conditions throughout the year.  Summers, which stretch from March to May especially can be very uncomfortable.The monsoon season with its excessive rain can play spoil-sport to your holidaying mood and force you to stay indoors as Mumbai has a tendency to get flooded with heavy showers. However, for those traveling from the Gulf, rains are a major attraction after living in the  dry, parched desert and one often finds  a number of tourists from Gulf countries visiting Mumbai during the rains.

Mumbai’s main festival is Ganesh Chaturthi  and the city comes alive at this time with celebrations galore. It is another good time to be in the city and partake in the celebrations.

The period between October to February is the best time to visit Mumbai as the weather is cool, pleasant, and less humid. Mumbai winters are mild and do not require one to wear excessive woolens. One can comfortably roam around the city, enjoying all that it has to offer.


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