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imageMumbai is a highly populated city and though relatively safer than other Indian cities, does harbor its share of crime. Beggars and pickpockets abound and one has to be on alert at all times. One should be especially careful when travelling in local trains.  It is safer to carry credit cards but also necessary to carry some amount of cash as all places may not accept credit cards. However, do not flash your high denomination notes in public; it will give you the kind of importance you can certainly do without. Women should take care to see that they are modestly dressed and do not attract unnecessary attention to themselves as sexual harassment is not uncommon. Excessive drinking is another problem and can lead to petty street quarrels and untoward behavior in public. If traveling by local train at odd hours, make sure you sit in the second class compartment as there are bound to be some passengers at least with you. Avoid getting too friendly with people as it might be a route to them conning you. Women especially should not take lift from strangers. While travelling by taxi or autorickshaw, ensure that the driver does not stop and pick up other commuters along the way. If anything out of the usual does occur, raise your voice and scream. You are bound to be heard.
Mumbai has also had its fair share of terrorist attacks in recent years the last being in 2008 where a number of foreigners especially Americans, British and Israelis were targeted.
With a number of beaches in Mumbai, drowning is another danger one has to be careful about. Take care to go into the water only if you are a good swimmer. Tides can change swiftly and fatalities have known to occur.

Mumbai has its fair share of health related issues and one should take care rather than get ill and spoil one’s trip.

It is advisable to apply mosquito repellant when out in the evenings. Socks and long sleeved shirt are a good deterrent.

Care should be taken with drinking water and one should take bottled mineral water which is easily and very cheaply available at all stores. Do check the seal and return the bottle if you feel the seal has been tampered with.

Carry a kit containing sunscreens and other lotions for protection from the sun, insect repellants and sting relief creams.

Avoid eating ice creams and other food stuff sold by roadside vendors, undercooked meat, un-peelable fruit or vegetable

Nariyal paani or coconut water is a favorite with locals and tourists who relish the cool milky liquid. However, take care to see that the coconut is cut in front of you. Do not accept one which is already lying open as it may be subject to dust, flies and spoilage and  can cause diarrhea or food poisoning, a common ailment.

1.    Yellow Fever – Vaccination certificate is required if arriving from an infected area.
2. Cholera/Typhoid – Inoculation recommended
3. Malaria – No certificate required, but advisable to have a course of pills


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