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•    The black-and-yellow metered taxis form the first and most basic rung in the taxi services hierarchy. Most cars in this fleet do not have air conditioning.

•    ‘Cool cabs’ in their distinctive silver and blue colors are next in the taxi hierarchy. These air-conditioned metered cabs can be flagged down on the city roads and are easily available.

•    On top of the taxi services hierarchy are the branded Radio Cab services. Trained drivers, well maintained air conditioned cars of varying sizes fitted with GPS installed make this the preferred service by the well heeled class. First Cars, Star Taxis (White & Purple), Meru Cab (Green Silver), Mega Cab (black), Gold cabs (Yellow Red)Forsche Taxi and Priyadarshini Cabs are the keys players in this segment. They are best booked in advanced or else require a lead time of about 10 minutes to half an hour to reach the passenger depending on location.

  • First Cars    +91 9766311830
  • Fulora Gold Cab    +91 22 32449999 / 32443333
  • Mega Cab   +91 22 42424242
  • Meru Cab   +91 22 44224422
  • Priyadarshini Cabs +91 9820221107 (Especially for single women/a service managed by women)

•    It is imperitive for the driver of an unengaged taxi to take you to your destination regardless of time and distance. Non compliance to do so is an offence and you have every right to complain to the police (dial 100) and mention the taxi’s license number and the driver’s name. Usually such an act will result in the taxi driver complying with your request.


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