What to do with children in tow

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There are more than seven public and fifteen private beaches in Nice where you can take your kids to soak up the sun. The beaches are not sand but gravel. The public beaches are divided into two areas which are the free area and one where you can pay to rent chairs, mattresses, umbrellas and use changing rooms and showers.


Cost (for use of non-free area):
€ 10 – € 12 for  half day
€ 12 – € 15  for  full day

Parc Phoenix

This is a huge greenhouse located on 7 hectares and home to more than 2500 plant species. Here you can see some of the oldest plant species of the world and can experience different climates in special hothouses. You can also take a look at birds and butterflies roaming freely in a certain area. There are exhibitions and other activities that take place here all year round.


405, Promenade des Anglais
Tel: +33 4 9229 7700
April to September, Monday to Sunday, 09.30 – 19.30
October to March,    Monday to Sunday, 09.30  – 18.30
€  2 adults
Free for children under 12

Jardin Botanique

This is a botanical garden in the city. It is located on the Corniche-Fleurie which means ‘Flowered Balcony’. The garden is located over the area of three hectares and here you can see a vast variety of Mediterranean flower species.

78, Avenue de la Corniche-Fleurie
Tel: +33 4 9229 4180
October to March,    Monday to Sunday, 09.00 – 17.00
April to September, Monday to Sunday, 09.00 – 19.00


This is a private beach which is just right for young kids. It has an adventure playing area and a swimming pool for the kids, while there are comfortable deckchairs for adults to relax and lounge around as well.

165, Promenade des Anglais
24 hours

Theâtre de la Cite

This theater is located near the Thiers train station. There are a variety of different shows that take place at this venue. These include first-time productions, classic pieces and cabaret style shows. At the same time the theater also hosts concerts, dance shows and puppet shows for kids. Drama lessons are also available for children and adults.

3, rue Paganini
Tel: +33 4 9316 8269
Different show times

Theâtre de la Semeuse

At this theatre you can attend classical and contemporary performances, comedy shows, children’s shows and concerts. The theatre was established in 1904 as an educational organization. There are also theatre, dance and music workshops to choose from.

2 Montee Auguste Kerl
Tel: +33 4 9392 8508
Office Monday to Friday 10.00 -12.00 & 14.00 –  18.30


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