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altOslo’s geographic location at the head of an over one hundred kilometer-wide fjord makes it a naturally stunning city and opens up a number of activities that give the city its lively and culturally aware feel. With most sites easily accessible on foot, Oslo features world-class museums, lively night-life, and a huge range of outdoor activities for the adventurous. Although Oslo is one of Europe’s largest capitals by area, it is one of the continent’s least populated. This setup enables local residents to enjoy cycling, hiking, ice-skating, skiing, kayaking, sailing, and more all within the city limits or a short train ride away. But Oslovians do not settle for the wonders afforded them by one of Europe’s most heavily forested cities. The recent expansion of the city, fuelled largely by the discovery of oil reserves in the North Sea during the 1960s, has resulted in the development of a lively retail and leisure sector centered on increased traffic in the cities docks. Nowadays, Oslo is a thriving and vibrant city with a cosmopolitan feel and lively nightlife and café/bar culture. The influx of oil money has allowed the city to make increased investments in art and culture. Home to a wealth of cultural and musical festivals, especially during the summer months, Oslo is a must-see for anyone interested in Nordic culture. The city is also home to some of the greatest museums in Northern Europe, including the National Gallery, which houses Edvard Munch’s The Scream.

Over the years, Oslo’s growing population has contributed to the city’s growing urban sprawl. Nevertheless, Oslo has more green belts than any other European capital, which probably explains the locals’ love for outdoor life, especially in winter. Oslovians even find time to go to the beach during the summer, only highlighting the incredible versatility and richness of this beautiful city and its people.



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