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The psyche here is the same as that throughout the UAE – residents are proud of their Bedouin and Emirati heritage yet open to different influences, though in small doses. Emirati men have a strong sense of self-worth which can be construed as arrogance though this isn’t always the case, especially in business where they are shrewd and sophisticated. Women, who wear the abeyya (full lengthed black robe) and shayla (headscarf) out of choice, are making increasing advances in the workforce and Emirati culture. Emirati households are generally segregated by gender with some type of home help: an Indonesian or Filipino housemaid for example. These foreigners make up 80% of the population and most are unskilled labourers who work for long hours for low wages; their conditions, especially in the labour camps in the desert, have been noticed in the local and international communities. The Emiratis are considered to be polite and genial though keep in mind that as Sharjah takes its decency laws seriously, the residents will do the same.



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