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Best of the city in one day - sharam el sheikhSharm El Sheikh is a populated tourist spot in the world featuring several attractions. However if you’ve to tour the city in just one day, you must visit all the highly recommended attractions first. Start your day with a heavy breakfast in the Naama Bay area. They have really good restaurants offering a variety of cuisines. ‘Camel Bar & Roof, ‘Mahony’, and ‘Sala Thai’ are famous breakfast places in the area. After breakfast, you can either take a taxi or walk to the beach which isn’t very far away. Walking is recommended because that way you’ll be able to notice the street culture, shops, residents, etc.

At the beach, you may relax or go to one of the many diving centers located in the area. The diving centers offer you several hours of coaching with proper equipment to dive in the shimmering waters of the gorgeous Red Sea. If you prefer to lie down under the warm sun of Sharm El Sheikh, you can do that as well.

After you’ve done your afternoon activities, head to one of the nearby restaurants for lunch. Sharm El Sheikh has restaurants featuring delectable food varieties from different parts of the world. Pick the one you like or you can even try something new, if you’re adventurous. After you’re done relishing lunch after a tiresome afternoon, it’s time you head to the Old Market. It features many traditional shops of arts & crafts as well souvenirs. Shops range from expensive to cheap, and you can haggle for a fair price at most stores not including those with legit fixed price tags. Souvenirs of pyramids, scarves, ancient Egyptian art are must-buys. If your budget is low, you can stroll through the market to absorb the rich essence and history of this place.

After you get done from here, you can call it a day and plan to brag about your visit to the beautiful Sharm-El-Sheikh when you’re with your friends.


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