Health and Safety

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altPossibly the most dangerous aspect of Tehran is the traffic. Unless you are completely at ease, do not expect to drive and be aware of your surroundings when walking.

Although there is little nightlife in the city, restaurants are open till late and there will generally be crowds around night time. As long as you stick to places with masses of people, you are quite safe. As there are few places in which to change or access foreign currency, you will be obliged to carry around local currency. Be aware of your possessions at all times; even though there is very little crime against foreigners in Tehran.

The ‘Fake Police’ is the most prevalent type of scam attempted against tourists. If a uniformed official asks for your passport/ticket/other belongings, always ask to be taken to the nearest police station before co-operating.

Be careful when taking taxis to make sure they are licensed. Do not get in a taxi alone at night, especially if it is an unmarked one.

Women are required to dress appropriately in accordance with Islamic guidelines. It is expected for women to cover their hair and wear loose clothing. You will find that women are given preference and respect in many situations.

In case of health or other emergency, use the numbers below:
Police: 110
Fire: 125
Ambulance: 115
Directory inquiries: 118
Pharmacy line (to find the nearest pharmacy): 191

Hospitals will be recommended by the embassy of your country. They are spread quite densely in Tehran, with a hospital practically in every neighbourhood.
Tehran Clinic, Telephone 8871 2931; Farahani St
Day Hospital, Telephone 8879 7111; corner of Valiasr Ave & Tavanir St
Mehrad Hospital, Telephone 8874 7401; Miremad St, off Motahhari Ave
Ramin Drug Store, Telephone 6670 5301; southeast corner of Ferdosi Sq


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